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Whether for your home or business, a basic Security System should cover both the exterior and interior of your location.    Since most breaks occur through a door, all exterior doors should be contacted.  Windows may also be contacted but in a large home or business this may not be cost effective.  Interior protection includes motion detectors or audio glass break detectors.


To fully protect your home or business, you need a fire alarm.  It has been shown that a small, undetected fire cans spread at a pace that threatens your ability to escape unharmed.  At a minimum, all homes should have a smoke detector on every level as well as outside sleeping areas.  In new homes, fire code requires a smoke detector in each bedroom and carbon detectors near sleeping areas.  Unheated areas such as garages and attics may be protected with heat detectors.

The cost of a fire in lost time, inventory and disruption of business can be devastating.  Fire code requires certain types of businesses to install and maintain a fire alarm system.  Even if not required, business owners know that a properly designed and installed fire alarm can pay for itself by detecting a fire early and notifying emergency responders.


Cameras today offer peace of mind as well as criminal evidence.  In homes, you can monitor an elderly parent, the liquor cabinet, driveways and doors.  In businesses, cameras can protect you from excessive shrinkage, liability or worker’s compensation claims.  In either case, they can be used to verify an alarm before emergency responders are notified reducing false dispatches.



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